Is life a struggle at the moment? We may be able to give a little help.

The Berkeley Parochial Trust is a small local charity that is able to offer modest financial one-off help for a particular purpose, to local people who are on a limited income and struggling to manage.

Anyone who lives within one of the five Berkeley Parishes (Berkeley, Alkington, Ham & Stone, Hamfallow, and Hinton) is eligible to apply.

We are sorry that we are unable to offer help with Utility debt or School Transport Fees, but perhaps there are other necessary things that you are desperate for and just cannot find the money? Many things can seem impossible to obtain, when times are hard.

Contact us to explain your situation, and let us see if the Trust can help?

The Trustees will consider each application on an individual basis. Their decision is final. Any help given does not have to be repaid. We will need to know a name, address and some details of your family and financial situation, however this will be kept confidential within the trust.

How to make contact with our clerk Sue: (email if possible) to

or if you can't access email, phone 01453 542208